Palomar Faculty Federation (PFF) was established at Palomar Community College in 2000, and serves both full-time and part-time faculty.  As such, PFF has Co-Presidents: one full-time and one part-time.  PFF operates under the charters of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the California Federation of Teachers (CFT), and is often recognized as AFT 6161.

PFF values affordable public education by qualified teachers, not by corporations; fair salaries, benefits, and working conditions for all faculty; and democracy.  Officers are always working to protect these values for today and for the future, and from the local to the state and national level.

Please connect with us, and come to our meetings!


PFF STAFF                                                                                                CONTACT OFFICERS


  • Debbie Forward - Lead Organizer and Comm Director - EMAIL
  • Susan Snow - Grievance Officer - EMAIL
  • Jenny Fererro -Lead Negotiator - EMAIL
  • Teresa Laughlin - FT Co-President - EMAIL
  • Colleen Bixler - PT Co-President - EMAIL
  • Joel Glassman - Treasurer - EMAIL
  • Bill Jahnel - EMAIL
  • Perri Larson - EMAIL
  • Michael Mufson - EMAIL
  • Travis Ritt - EMAIL
  • Kevin Kearney - EMAIL
  • Barbara Baer - EMAIL
  • Lesley Blankenship-Williams - EMAIL
  • Barbara Hammons - EMAIL
  • Dan Long - EMAIL
  • Anastasia Zavodny - EMAIL