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october 30 - november 3, 2017

This year the national Campus Equity Week (CEW) theme, mAsk4CampusEquity, takes advantage of the unique power of the arts to provoke awareness and inspire change.  Masking allows us to both disguise and declare the complex identities of precarious academic workers. Using the arts allows us to educate our communities about the negative consequences of inequitable employment practices within higher education.  To that end, several faculty and students from Art and Performing Arts will offer performances and/or other arts-based actions on our campus.

Like hundreds of faculty unions across the country, PFF is gearing up to highlight the working conditions of part-time college professors over the course of CEW. We have several activities and actions for CEW!


Everyone: check out this video

While not at Palomar, Dr. Wanda Evans-Brewer could be, and she has one of those stories. She has been teaching for 20 years, has a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and a PhD in Education. She is also living in poverty.  Watch this 4-minute film.

Part-time faculty: tell PFF your story

As one of a multitude of faculty unions across the country, it is PFF’s job over the course of CEW to highlight the working conditions of our part-time college professors.

We want to feature your story on our Instagram account @palomarstories, and we will keep you anonymous if that is your desire. Telling our community personal stories of real part-time professors may be one of the most rousing actions we can take, and we need to hear from you.


  • compelling stories surrounding your employment as an adjunct faculty member
  • specific challenge(s), beyond being a freeway flyer, you face as part-time faculty
  • what it would mean to you to have that particular challenge resolved
  • your suggested resolution to this challenge
  • about 200 words as this is going on social media and we want people to read it

Please contact Organizer Debbie Forward at


  • Follow @palomarstories on Instagram for stories of our part-time faculty members
  • Enjoy a number of art displays and performing arts activities supporting campus equity.  The performing and fine arts play critical roles in the life of a healthy campus and community by providing alternative, connected spaces for discourse about the passions that drive our collective love of learning and teaching.


Monday the 30th – T-Shirts, Stickers, & Petitions Day

1. Faculty wear their CEW t-shirts (pick-up announcements in your email)

2. Everyone come by the table at the Student Union from 10am - 2pm to:

  • Get your cool CEW sticker available to wear on yourself, your laptop, your notebooks…
  • Sign important petitions to help:
    • increase adjunct faculty office hours
    • support the performing arts
    • gain a dedicated part-time office space in each department

The Day Jazz Ensemble will perform at 3:25p-6:30p, when the Night Jazz Ensemble picks it up to play at 6:45p. These will be "open" rehearsals!

Tuesday the 31st– Mask Day

EVERYONE wear a mask of your choice! People at higher ed campuses across the country will wear masks this day, allowing us both to disguise and declare the complex identities of precarious academic workers.

Wednesday the 1st – “Where’s My Professor?”

Look for the blue office signs our part-time faculty will display wherever they’re forced to hold office hours: on a bench, in the student union, at their car…

Zombie Prom is happening at 11:45am around the clock tower & student union!

Thursday the 2nd – Thirsty Thursday

Free refreshments available for part-time faculty on the main campus from 1 - 5pm.