Tuesday Tax Plan Event at Issa's Vista Office

The California Federation of Labor is organizing statewide protests to push back on the GOP tax bill, and we just heard about a North County event tomorrow.

What: Vote NO - Congressman Darrell Issa Action
Date:  Tuesday, December 12

Time:  10:00am
Where: Congressman Darrell Issa’s Office, 1800 Thibodo Rd., Vista, CA  92081
Parking: Park in the Hope Church parking lot. Pastor Matthew Palm of Hope Church at 1755 Thibodo Rd offers the parking lot to promote public safety (he recognizes the danger of people parking illegally on Thibodo Rd), and emphasizes that the church does not take sides in politics.

If passed under current budget rules the GOP tax bill would result in immediate cuts of over $100 billion in health and human services, including $25 billion per year to Medicare. This quarter-trillion dollar cut would impact the care of seniors and people with disabilities as well as their families that all depend on this crucial program.

There are several emergency events planned around California next week to fight back against this cruel, despicable bill.  More information is at http://calaborfed.org/take-action-no-on-gop-tax-scam-on-working-people/