PFF 2017/18 Contract Vote Results

Thank you to all of the PFF members who voted on the 2017/18 contract. The vote ended on Wednesday 3/21, and the contract was accepted by the majority of voters.

84.42% voted to ACCEPT the negotiated 2017/18 contract
15.58% voted against the negotiated 2017/18 contract

We had our highest voter turnout yet, with 353 of our members voting.

The negotiated 2017/18 contract is effective immediately. The new PT prioritization formula will not apply until scheduling for Fall 19. The 1.56% COLA will be reflected in your March paycheck, the retro COLA for July-February will be paid in April.
The new PT office hours form will be posted to the HR website shortly. For PT office hours, the increase to $55 per hour will be paid in the 5/20/18 check and will include any retro pay for office hours already paid for Fall 17.

Due to the timing of this approval, and the expectation of a new 2018/19 contract this year, a limited run of hard copy contracts will be printed- a copy will be provided to each department, and HR and PFF will have a limited number of hard copies to provide to any faculty member who wants their own copy. The full electronic version of the 2017/18 contract will be posted on the PFF website as soon as the formatting is completed by HR and checked by us.

Thank you again to all of you who voted, and to those who provided feedback.
Negotiations are starting after Spring Break for the 2018/19 contract, and we anticipate a faster process this time, so another vote on the 2018/19 contract will be coming this year.

In unity, 
Your PFF Negotiations Team: Jenny Fererro, Teresa Laughlin, Colleen Bixler, and Barbara Baer