July 17, 2017 Round-Up: Negotiations Update

We hope you’re staying cool this very hot summer!

PFF has already engaged in Negotiations for the 2017-18 contract, and will be meeting weekly from here on out.  Jenny Fererro is the lead negotiator, serving alongside fellow full-time faculty member Teresa Laughlin and part-time faculty members Colleen Bixler and Barbara Baer.  District representatives Shayla Sivert and Ron Perez are working with the District’s lawyer.

Our priorities include negotiating the part-time job security language (SB 1379), increasing the paid office hours for part-time instructors, maintaining health benefits, and increasing salary for all faculty.

Remember that only official PFF members may vote on contract approval!  If you have questions about your membership status, please reply here, and our Organizer will get back to you.


MAY 22, 2017 Round-Up: Committee Representatives; AFT Benefits

As we all wind down the semester, PFF has a few announcements:

Would you like to be a PFF representative on the Catastrophic Leave Bank or the Accreditation Steering Committee?  Please contact PFF Organizer Debbie Forward at this email address.

Our membership is growing - and you don’t want to miss out on the incredible benefits for which you are already paying!  You can check your PFF membership status, or how to access your benefits, by replying to this email.  If you know you need to send in a membership form, it’s attached.

PFF leadership continues working throughout the summer, addressing fall planning, contract negotiations, grievance matters, and any issues you need to discuss.  Please reach out your Co-Presidents:

  • Teresa Laughlin, Full-Time Co-President  tlainelaughlin@gmail.com
  • Colleen Bixler, Part-Time Co-President  pffgrievance@gmail.com


May 16, 2017 ROUND-UP:  Data Breach, Pay Inequities

New Executive Board members were installed at last week's PFF meeting, where colleagues also celebrated Shannon Lienhart's 10+ years of dedication to faculty!  Check the newsletter in your campus mail for the 2017-18 slate and other news.

Current issues we're working with include:

  • Faculty compensation for the data breach
  • Pay inequities for some coaches and part-time faculty in Athletics - Grievance officers will begin communications with Administration to resolve the disparity

If you haven't yet heard, an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) was signed which allows full-time, non-tenure track faculty to apply for a lateral transfer.

PFF Agendas and Minutes are regularly updated on the web site: https://www.palomarfacfed.org/agendas-minutes/

Be sure to pick up your PFF Commencement '17 Newsletter in campus mail!


September 16, 2016 Round-Up: the Budget, the Governing Board Mtg, and Class Cancellations


The Budget

On September 13, the Governing Board adopted the 2016-17 Budget, which was created under the supervision of Vice President Ron Perez, Director of Financial Services Carmen Coniglio, and Budget and Payroll Manager Brandi Taveuveu.  From their incredible work comes a few highlights:

  • The team identified over $6M of additional monies for our General Fund.  What was supposed to be a $15.3M ending balance is now over $21.8M.  When you see the almost 2” thick printed Budget, you'll feel the devoted work this team has done, and we all know what that money means to our campus!  
  • The District has an additional $12M in one-time funds that are part of the Fund 41 Capital Outlays Budget, bringing the total “cushion” to nearly $35,000,000.
  • Another surprising number is $202,832 that Instruction had in surplus from 2015-16.  This figure includes $167,000 earmarked for instructional travel expenses, $16,000 for instructional supplies, and $19,000 for tutoring.  This $202,832 has now been absorbed into the ending fund balance.  

We thank Perez, Coniglio, and Taveuveu for their hard work!

The 9/13/16 Governing Board Meeting

Noteworthy from Tuesday’s Governing Board meeting:

  • President Superintendent Joi Blake shared news of recent meetings.  She, the San Marcos Mayor, and the CSUSM President are outlining ideas to partner with local officials.  She has also reached out to local Native American tribes to rebuild relationships with Palomar.  
  • Faculty Senate President Travis Ritt, acting on behalf of the Senate, contested an item on the Consent Agenda.  The Administration and the Governing Board respected the wishes of the faculty, and also asked that it be pulled.
  • PFF Co-President Shannon Lienhart voiced concerns regarding early class cancellations (which PFF has begun to explore in its blog https://pfffacultylounge.wordpress.com/).  Board members and President Blake listened intently and requested additional, related information from the District in regards to this practice.  

PFF is pleased that the faculty voice is being heard, and we all look forward to progress!


“Your Class: Cancelled"

Remember to check out PFF’s blog on class cancellations - we just posted again: https://pfffacultylounge.wordpress.com/