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What are the benefits of membership?

Join PFF here!  It takes about 1 minute.


The PFF is the bargaining agent which negotiates on behalf of all Palomar faculty.  We also provide varying levels of legal representation to faculty members.  The Duty of Fair Representation (DFR) flyer on this page clarifies which benefits are available to all faculty members and which are available only to union members.

The flyer also highlights the important protections and benefits a faculty member receives as a dues-paying member.  Member dues (1.4% of gross pay) cover the negotiations and legal representations for all, as well as additional legal representation, AFT insurance and discounts, and retirement assistance for the individual faculty member.  Only union members receive 100% of union benefits!  Please review the DFR flyer and visit for more comprehensive lists.

PFF’s very quick and simple online membership form is available here.  Once we process your form, we will email you your membership information so you can immediately begin accessing the benefits.

For more about membership, please contact our Organizer, Debbie Forward, at

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