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COPE contributions are an integral part of the work the Federation does do to give our union the resources it needs to have a strong voice in shaping the political climate that, in turn, shapes education in California and the nation.

Current Palomar Governing Board Members

District 1 - Dr. Judy Patacsil, 2022-2026

District 2 - Cassandra Schaeg, 2023-2024 (appointed to a vacated seat, filling remainder of 2020-2024 term)

District 3 - Roberto Rodriguez, 2020-2024

District 4 - Michelle Rains, 2022-2024 (elected to a vacated seat, filling remainder of 2020-2024 term)

District 5 - Jacqueline Kaiser, 2022-2026

A Trustee’s term is four years, and there is an election every even-numbered year.  Trustees from areas 1, 4, and 5 were just elected in November, 2022, and Trustees from areas 2, 3, and 4 will be elected/re-elected in November, 2024.  (Area 4 is a two-year term to complete the 2020-2024 term due to the Trustee elected 2020 vacating the seat.) 

Palomar Community College District Area map.

The Committee on Political Education (COPE) is the political side of PFF.  The Committee:

  • communicates with members about political issues and elections relevant to Palomar College

  • endorses and supports candidates running for Palomar’s Governing Board


A small portion of PFF members’ dues support COPE, and additional, voluntary COPE contributions are key to COPE’s work.  For just an additional $5/pay period (automatically deducted from one’s paycheck), PFF members can be a voting member of COPE.

To join, complete this PFF member form (even if you’re already a PFF member) and be sure to complete the bottom portion regarding COPE.  Thank you!

We do hold monthly meetings, and there is no requirement to attend these unless you are interested in helping us to identify and discuss current and candidate Trustees.  In election years, those in the Committee who are interested will help to get our endorsed candidates elected to the Governing Board.

COPE meets at 4:00pm on the second Thursdays of the month.  We meet on Zoom following the PFF Regular Executive Board Meeting. Again, you can be a member of COPE without attending meetings, though we would love to have you.

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