Your faculty solidarity means more now than ever. Join the union, update your contact info, or join COPE (Committee on Political Education) here.


COPE stands for “Committee on Political Education” and represents the political action arm of the PFF.

The purpose of COPE is to engage in political education, to facilitate member-to-member communications about political issues and elections, and to endorse political candidates and make contributions to candidate campaigns.

The PFF COPE Committee meets regularly to discuss and possibly interview current and potential candidates to determine which are most committed and capable of championing the interests of educators. When the union finds true supporters of member interests, the union endorses them. When there are close races, the union contributes COPE funds to help political candidates who are supportive of labor and quality education issues win their elections.

The Voluntary COPE contributions are an integral part of the work the Federation does do to give our union the resources it needs to have a strong voice in shaping the political climate that, in turn, shapes education in California and the nation.  You can choose whatever amount you would like to be automatically deducted from your payroll (contributions are only taken in the months you work). 

COPE meets at 4:00pm on the second Thursdays of the month when school is in session. We meet just prior to the regular PFF meeting in AA-140 on the main campus. All COPE members are welcome.

Click to view our constitution.

For questions about COPE, please email