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October 12, 2023


Negotiations Update

At their 10/10 meeting, the Governing Board approved our sunshined articles to be reopened for 23/24 negotiations. We met with the District just two days later and presented two proposals to them, as well as one MOU impacting Appendix L:

  • Article 4 (Workload and Calendar)- PFF Proposal

    • Based on feedback received from bargaining unit members, questions from faculty and administrators, and feedback from Faculty Senate, most of our proposal consisted of adding clarifying language to this article, including:

      • Part-time eligible load

      • Expectations for full-time faculty during non-instructional, on-contract times and around plenary and commencement

      • Clarifying off-contract time for 10-month faculty

      • Explaining the dental assisting coordinator load

      • Describing unscheduled preparation and institutional responsibilities in the full-time faculty load

      • Adding workload for Instructional Designers

      • Ensuring involvement of affected faculty and PFF when workload calculations must be adjusted or corrected due to errors

      • Minor language clean-up and word choice clarification

  • Article 16 (Benefits)- PFF Proposal

    • Our proposal included a few requests related to dental coverage and clarification for PT faculty:

      • Reduce FT employee contribution for Delta Dental PPO to $0

      • Allow PT faculty to purchase Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier PPO at 100%

      • Clarify coverage for FT temporary faculty transitioning back to PT

      • Ensuring PT eligibility for health care in the event of canceled classes

  • MOU- ECELS Extra Duty Time Off- SIGNED

    • This MOU serves to adjust the Extra Duty Time Off allotment for FT ECELS teachers and administrative team to more accurately reflect recent work expectations. This was at the request of the ECELS and will be negotiated for inclusion in Appendix L next time it is open.

We also had discussion with the District team on the way that HRS verifies work experience for step placement, the impacts of delayed responses on faculty pay, issues related to PT service in STRS, and the planned residency policy, which is in early draft stages.

Our next meeting with the District for contract negotiations is scheduled for October 26. We expect the District’s counterproposals for Article 4 and Article 16, and we hope to make progress towards proposals for Articles 15 and 20.


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