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February 22, 2024

We made good progress towards finishing up our remaining reopeners at today’s negotiations meeting. The District presented their first counterproposal to our Article 15 (Compensation) and Appendix F (Reassigned Time and Stipends) proposals. As expected, the District did not accept all of our proposed gains and increases in Article 15 and Appendix F but did importantly agree with us on some long-awaited gains. We engaged in some good discussion and have optimism for some potential further gains in our counterproposal. We were also able to present our first counterproposal for Article 20 (Working Conditions). The District seemed responsive to much of what we presented. We also engaged in discussion about some ongoing issues including the need for clarity on how noncredit PT office hours are calculated, needed accommodations for our Deaf colleagues, and some potential issues with tax withholding from 2023. We are awaiting more information from the District on all of these issues (as well as scheduling for class caps) and will be meeting next for contract negotiations on March 14th.


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