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July 7, 2023

We spent a full day negotiating with the District as we attempt to finalize negotiations on the three-year 2022-2025 CBA. At this meeting, we made considerable progress towards completing the contract including:

Appendix F (Faculty Reassigned Time and Stipends)- Tentatively Agreed (TAed)

We were able to add reassigned time for a faculty coordinator for Telescope/IMPACT and codify existing reassigned time for KINE 128 Coordinator.

We added a column indicating who appoints the positions listed in Appendix F, with a clarifying note about the role of administration when there are concerns.

We were unable to get further District agreement with our proposal to add several new reassigned time positions and increases to some existing reassigned time/stipends, but will continue to advocate for this necessary time and compensation in future negotiations.

Article 17 (Evaluations)- TAed

Significant changes to the organization of this article help remove duplicated content and streamline presentation of information.

Clarified process and language throughout the article.

We held firm on faculty authority over our evaluation process, while acknowledging District interest and TERB recommendations to allow opportunities for appropriate administrative feedback where there is concern about loss of position. This included adding a dean to TERB and allowing dean feedback in the form of a letter (like the chair letter) to peer evals and including a dean in the development of Improvement Plans. While there were gives in this article, they were carefully considered and crafted with guidance from TERB and Faculty Senate to ensure faculty purview over evaluations and oversight from TERB, which is a primarily faculty-driven committee.

Article 15 (Compensation)- Nearly there…

We will provide details on compensation gains in our next update as we are in active negotiations with the District that should be finalized after the Governing Board meeting next week.

We expect compensation gains for all faculty and made significant progress towards part-time parity in this article.

Clarification on the use of NOHE and Time & Effort Reports in an effort to reduce the number of MOUs needed related to one-time or short-term compensation.

Administration Position MOU- Signed

We agreed to an 11-day extension on a previous MOU providing a special administrator assignment to a former faculty member.

Discussion Items

Public Service Loan Forgiveness for non-instructional part-time faculty- received clarification from the District.

EOPS department chair funding source.

Requested follow-up on a few outstanding items from the District.

We are meeting with the District team again next week after the Governing Board meeting and hope to TA on Article 15 at that time. If we are able to reach an agreement, that will complete negotiations for the 2022-25 CBA. We will then need PFF members to vote on ratification of the contract. If a majority of members accept the contract, then it will go to the Governing Board for final approval. We will then immediately work with the District team to reopen just a few articles for the 2023-24 year–hopefully those will be able to be negotiated quickly and allow us to “catch up” on timing for this contract cycle.

We will post an update after next week’s meeting, and once negotiations are completed, we will send out detailed email communication to all faculty, as well as in-person updates at Fall plenary. While negotiations on this contract have taken nearly a year, we are very pleased with the numerous gains we have achieved for faculty so far.

Our negotiations team has been working diligently on your behalf, including all summer. This includes negotiations training through CFT for our new team member and continual planning meetings as a team. We are optimistic about the year ahead, and we look forward to continuing to advocate for you!


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