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May 24, 2024

Negotiations Update


This morning we met with the District and finalized agreement on adjustments to the 24/25 academic calendar to account for the insufficient Mondays issue in Spring 2025. The new draft calendar overlaps the first week of spring with the last week of winter intersession, moves spring break by a week due to that change, and shortens the summer session to 8 weeks, allowing for a gap between spring and summer and summer and fall. A few important notes:

  • Programs that do not want to offer winter intersession due to the new overlap can move their winter intersession FTE to spring 2025 (i.e. nobody will lose sections unless they want to).

  • Programs that are negatively impacted by the new overlap between winter and spring will be able to work with their Dean and the VPI to make adjustments to spring offerings within the existing 16 week semester.

  • Programs that need to use all 12 weeks of summer for discipline-specific pedagogical reasons will be able to do so by working with their Dean and the VPI

  • Commencement will be on a non-instructional day but remains on the last Friday of the semester (and BEFORE Memorial Day, as preferred by an overwhelming amount of faculty feedback).


We agreed to this adjusted calendar based on the feedback we received from faculty. If your program has unique needs, we received the promise that there would be reasonable flexibility in making calendar adjustments on a program-by-program basis, while maintaining our district-wide academic calendar. We also asked for drafts of the 25/26 and 26/27 calendars ASAP so that we can ensure we have these set well before they are needed for scheduling purposes.


We also presented a counterproposal to an MOU for CRPP grant faculty compensation.


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