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November 30, 2023

At today’s meeting, we were able to sign our first Tentative Agreement (TA) of the 2023-24 reopeners and make some considerable progress with counterproposals on other open articles/appendices. Here are the highlights from this afternoon:

  • Article 16 (Benefits)- TA

    • ALL faculty will now be able to receive their TB skin test or risk assessment at no cost through Student Health Services for purposes of TB clearance for the District. Previously, only full-time faculty had this benefit.

    • We added language to affirm/clarify healthcare coverage for part-time faculty with canceled classes and for temporary full-time faculty transitioning back to part-time.

    • While we were unable to gain the changes to dental contributions that we proposed, we will continue working with the District to push for improved dental plan access and lowered employee contributions.

  • Article 4 (Workload and Calendar)- In Progress

    • We presented our counterproposal to the District’s counterproposal. We are very close to agreement on this article. Changes will include clarification on expectations for faculty during non-instructional days, specifying off-contract time for 10-month faculty, clarification on how part-time load percentages are calculated, clarification on unscheduled prep vs. institutional responsibilities (for full-time faculty), and adding workload for Instructional Designers.

  • Appendix C (Faculty Responsibilities)- NEW

    • We presented our first counterproposal to the District’s proposal to add a new appendix outlining faculty responsibilities. With guidance from Faculty Senate and PFF, we recognize the value for faculty in having responsibilities outlined in a clear way. Our counterproposal focused on condensing the list proposed by the District and making it less prescriptive and more applicable to the diversity of faculty roles.

  • Article 8 (Class Maximums)- In Progress

    • We presented our first counterproposal. In our counter, we rejected increasing online class caps and proposed (as we do every year) making minimums a percentage of the class cap rather than a flat 20 students.

  • Large Class Stipend MOU

    • We presented our first counterproposal to the District’s proposed MOU. We agreed with the District to create a large class compensation structure in 2017. Since that time, we have been bogged down in class caps negotiations with the District that have stalled at times. We are pleased to finally be making meaningful progress toward a pilot program for the courses already identified with caps over 42.

  • Discussion Items:

    • PT and OVL pay discrepancies

    • Clarification on communication related to PT benefits

    • Clarification on Counseling expectations related to non-instructional days

    • All relevant faculty leads have been emailed with information


  • We’ve been meeting regularly with the District and are close to making meaningful progress for MSE. All affected department chairs have been contacted regularly. We have weekly meetings through the end of the semester.

  • Once we get the official list cleaned up with outstanding requests, the form will reopen for new requests, hopefully early in the spring semester.

Our remaining meetings with the District of the semester are: 12/1 (PT prioritization), 12/5 (class caps), 12/14 am (class caps), 12/14 pm (contract negotiations). We will be meeting throughout January as well.


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