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October 26, 2023


Negotiations Update

At today’s negotiations meeting, we received the District’s counterproposals for our Article 4 and Article 16 proposals presented at the last meeting. We were pleased with the District’s quick response. We will need to spend some time considering the District’s counterproposal for Article 4, which includes the addition of a new appendix to list faculty responsibilities. There is benefit to everyone to outline workload responsibilities, but we want to ensure we are not agreeing to anything that is too prescriptive. We will likely seek feedback from the Faculty Senate before crafting our counterproposal, as many of the responsibilities fall into the 10+1+1.

We briefly discussed the District’s upcoming proposal for Article 8, which we anticipate will include changes to the course minimums as a means to influence enrollment management. We also discussed concerns with outside agency observations of faculty courses and issues with workload changes in one department. We are hopeful that the final 2022-2025 CBA will be fully formatted and ready for posting and publication within the next week.

Our next meeting with the District is on November 7 for class caps and November 9 for contract negotiations.


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