PFF Negotiations Update #2


Negotiations have been ongoing all summer. We have been meeting twice a month for class caps and twice a month for contract negotiations.  We are making very slow progress on class caps, but are continuing to meet regularly with the District and communicate regularly with impacted departments. Everyone’s patience and input has been very appreciated. Our next class caps negotiations meeting is scheduled for 7/31.

We are nearing the end of contract negotiations for our 2019-2022 contract. Since the last contract update (week of 7/8), we have:

  •      TA’ed on Article 8 (Class Maximums and Minimums)- this article took a protracted amount of negotiation to come to an agreement. We were unsuccessful in negotiating a percentage based minimum for courses, but were able to hold off attempts to increase the minimum substantially. We were also able to negotiate some clarifications in the language in this article, and codify that online class caps are 42 or the face to face maximum, whichever is lower.

  •      TA’ed on Article 12 (Department Chairs)- we were able to clarify situations related to department chair elections, codify winter chair duties, and get COLA applied to SLO facilitator stipends. 

Our next contract negotiations meeting is scheduled for 8/13. At that meeting we expect to TA on Article 20  (Working Conditions) and will be continuing negotiations related to Article 15 (Compensation), Article 16 (Benefits), Article 25 (Intellectual Property), and Appendices B (Workload) and F (Faculty Assigned Time and Stipends). The fiscal situation facing the District is real, and unfortunately is not favorable, making it challenging for us to achieve the gains we were hoping for in this contract, however we are being very mindful of how we craft language to help give us opportunities when we reopen certain sections in upcoming years.

Our team was very disappointed to learn of Dr. Norman’s resignation. Negotiations with her have been productive, respectful, mostly reciprocal, and definitely faster than with any previous District lead negotiator. We are relieved that she will be negotiating on behalf of the District at least until our contract is finalized, but are apprehensive about who might take her place at the table for future negotiations.

Jenny Fererro, M.S.

Professor, Child Development
Palomar College

Lead Negotiator, Palomar Faculty Federation
Region 10 Co-Catalyst, CCCECE

760-744-1150 x2314  Office: MD-358

PFF Negotiations Update

Hi fellow faculty-

Your PFF Negotiations team has been working hard on your behalf this summer- we’ve been meeting regularly with the District for both contract negotiations (2019-2022 contract) and class caps negotiations. We had a very productive all-day meeting with the District yesterday, Monday the 8th, so it’s a good time for an update on where we stand with the contract negotiations:

  • Yesterday we were able to TA (Tentatively Agree- this means sign off on so it can go the Governing Board) on Articles 4 (Workload and Calendar), 9 (Leaves), and 17 (Evaluations), as well as Appendix L (ECELS).

    • We successfully protected our workload and our leaves, and strengthened our faculty evaluations process!

  • We also signed three MOU’s yesterday - one related to Community Ed classes taught by faculty, one related to back payment to the ECELS for an error with benefits pay, and one to agree to begin developing on online evaluations system.

  • For details on any of the above, please visit our website, where you can see scans of our agreed articles, appendices, and MOU’s:

  • We have another all-day negotiations meeting with the District in two weeks- at that meeting we will be discussing some of the more “difficult” areas, including Class Maximums (Article 8), Department Chairs (Article 12), Compensation (Article 15), and Working Conditions (Article 20). All of these have already been on the table for discussion- we are moving closer towards being able to come to some agreement. Please know that we are committed to no take-aways, and to as many gains as we are able to achieve in this fiscally-challenging time.

    • If you missed the Negotiations update that came out a few weeks ago, we already signed an MOU with the District that guarantees faculty the same 3.26% COLA that other employee groups already received.

  • We will be meeting next week for continued class caps negotiations as well.

Thank you for your trust and patience- we are hopeful that we will have a completed contract ready for our members’ vote within the next few months.

In unity, your PFF Negotiations Team: Jenny Fererro, Teresa Laughlin, Barbara Baer, Nicole Siminski



After a long day of negotiations with the District today, we are pleased to report that we signed an MOU guaranteeing that faculty will receive COLA of 3.26% for the 2019-20 academic year.  Negotiations are ongoing for the rest of the 2019-22 contract including other areas related to compensation.  The MOU will need to be ratified at the next Governing Board meeting (after 6/11).

Thank you for your patience.  We continue working hard on negotiations this summer.

Jenny Fererro and Your Negotiations Team


Dear Faculty Colleagues,

We have received nominations for the Executive Board positions (see the 2/8/19 post below).  The seats for the part-time faculty Co-President, two part-time faculty Executive Board Members, and two at-large Executive Board Members are uncontested and, therefore, do not require a vote.

There are three nominees for the two full-time faculty Executive Board Members.  Per PFF’s Constitution, electronic ballots for full-time faculty who are PFF members will be emailed this Friday.  The ballot will be open until April 5, 2019.

Full-time faculty: if you believe you should have received a ballot on 3/13/19 but did not, please contact Organizer Debbie Forward at

In solidarity,



Dear Faculty Colleagues-

The Palomar Faculty Federation (PFF) is accepting nominations between now and February 28, 2019 for the following PFF Executive Board positions:

Two year term- May 2019 through May 2021:

  • One part-time faculty Co-President

  • Two full-time faculty Executive Board Members

  • Two part-time faculty Executive Board Members

  • Two at-large Executive Board Members (full- or part-time faculty)

  In order to nominate, please respond to this email by February 28 at 3:00pm (you must include the nominees’ full names, full- or part-time status, their email address, and specific positions and term you are nominating them for) OR attend the PFF General Membership/Nominations Meeting on Thursday, February 28 from 3:30-4:00pm in AA-140. 

  • Part-time faculty may only nominate members for part-time Executive Board positions.

  • Full-time faculty may only nominate members for full-time Executive Board positions.

  • Part-time and full-time faculty can nominate members for at-large Executive Board positions

  • You may nominate an unlimited number of eligible members for the above listed positions.

 Release time and/or stipends are available for some PFF Executive Board positions; please refer to the PFF website for detailed information, including the duties and responsibilities of each role:

 As stated in the PFF Local 6161 Constitution, only PFF members in good standing may nominate and vote in the election.  Nominees must also be PFF members in good standing.  A member in good standing is defined as one who has “submitted a validated membership application and who has paid dues for two months prior to the election.”

If you are not sure of your PFF membership status, please contact PFF Communications Director Debbie Forward at

Nominees who meet eligibility criteria will be contacted via email or phone by the PFF Elections Committee on or before March 1, 2019 to notify them of their nomination.

Nominees must accept their nomination by March 7, 2019 at 12:00pm in order to appear on the ballot.

Your eligibility to nominate and the eligibility of the nominee will be verified by the PFF prior to ballot creation.

The election will be held between March 15, 2019 and April 5, 2019  via electronic ballot emailed to the email address you have on file with the PFF. An election will NOT be held for any uncontested positions.

In Unity,

PFF Elections Committee Chair

Jenny Fererro

PFF’s representation of members and non-members


As you well know by now, the Supreme Court’s decision on Janus changed how public sector unions collect dues and fees.  However, Janus also impacts the union’s Duty of Fair Representation.  For a more thorough explanation of when and how PFF represents a faculty member,  please see the attached chart.

To ensure you are covered with as much representation, insurance, and benefits as possible, please join the union - it’s only 1.6% of your pay!  The online member form is here

In solidarity,

Palomar Faculty Federation

PFF announces its Conference Funding Program

PFF is pleased to announce our Conference Funding Program!  Registration opens today (October 18) at 1:00pm PDT.

Funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis for members of the Palomar Faculty Federation (PFF) for registration fees for academic Conferences/Events.

To see a full list of eligibility requirements (and to apply), please visit our website:   and click the PFF Conference Funding link.

If you have further questions which are not outlined in our FAQs, please feel free to directly contact the Conference Funding Subcommittee at

We look forward to helping you attend your Conferences and Events!

Please join us for this week's PFF meeting in restaurant row


This week's regular PFF meeting will be held at Cocina del Charro in restaurant row, San Marcos!  We have the patio to ourselves from 3:30-6:30p, with the meeting beginning at 4p.  We will have appetizers and beverages, and all PFF members are welcome!

Another reminder and the Agenda will be emailed prior to the meeting.

In solidarity,
Palomar Faculty Federation
Faculty Working Conditions are Student Learning Conditions