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September 20, 2023

We were pleased to resume our regular negotiations meetings with the District today after taking a brief pause during August while we waited for ratification and approval of the 2022-2025 CBA. The Governing Board approved the full three-year contract at their meeting last week, and thus we were able to meet today to sunshine our articles for reopening for 2023-2024. We were thrilled to be able to sign the signature page of the 2022-2025 CBA at today’s meeting!

During the reopener years, we do not reopen the full CBA. Instead, compensation and benefits are automatically reopened, and each team can reopen up to two additional articles. We mutually agreed with the District to reopen:

  • Article 4 (Workload and Calendar)

  • Article 8 (Course Maximums)

  • Article 15 (Compensation)

    • Appendix F (Compensation- Faculty Reassigned Time & Stipends)

    • Appendix G (Compensation- Salary Scales)

  • Article 16 (Benefits)

  • Article 20 (Working Conditions)

We plan to bring our first proposals to the table at our next meeting and anticipate that the negotiations process should move quickly since we just finished negotiations on the full CBA. It’s important to note that negotiations may be necessary on areas not covered in the above articles this year, and we will handle those issues via MOU as required. We keep detailed notes on requests, concerns, priorities, and ideas from faculty for future negotiations, and chose the above articles based on the areas where we feel we have the most pressing and potentially impactful changes to make in this round.

We also had extensive discussion at the table today about the following items:

  • Ongoing compensation concerns related to the lack of paystub transparency and repeated instances where faculty are not being paid within 60 days of finishing work, as guaranteed in the CBA. The District acknowledged the problems and had some ideas for long-term solutions (namely in the form of necessary and expensive software upgrades) and some possible ideas for short-term solutions. We asked for an update on progress to be provided at our next meeting.

  • Part-time faculty healthcare multidistrict reimbursement (Will Dalrymple sent an email to PT faculty today with more information).

  • Clarifying/confirming dates for expected payments related to our compensation gains in the 2022-2025 CBA:

    • 8.22% COLA will be reflected in September paychecks.

    • Retroactive 8.22% COLA for 7/1/23 through 8/23/23 will be reflected in October paychecks.

    • 2.5% one-time payment for qualifying faculty will be reflected in November paychecks.

    • Part-time recalculations of step and grade have been completed for those teaching or assigned in fall 2023. HRS has been reaching out to those who are missing transcripts or documentation, and should notify all PT faculty of their previous and new step/grade this fall.

  • We should have the final 2022-2025 CBA formatted, posted on the website(s), and printed shortly. Many thanks to Will Dalrymple and Maria Zapien Rangel for their conscientious and detailed work on this mammoth reformatting project.

  • Scheduling of future meetings in addition to CBA negotiations: class caps, PT prioritization workgroup, lecture/lab discrepancy sessions, and calendar negotiations

In other recent negotiations news, PFF sent our lead negotiator and one member of our negotiations team to Chicago last week for continued training at a higher education negotiations conference at the University of Illinois. We are continually working to improve our skill sets and knowledge base to best fight for you at the table, and appreciate our members, whose dues help support such training and development.


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