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April 26, 2023

Signed MOUs

PETAL MOU: This MOU provides compensation to faculty who participate in the Palomar Excellence in Teaching and Learning (PETAL) PD program in summer 2023. Details will come from a call by the Faculty Senate.

CALM MOU: This MOU provides compensation to faculty who participate in the CALM ZTC Pathways Planning events before June 30, 2023. Information is available via CALM Committee.

TERB Coordinator Transition MOU: This MOU provides compensation for the incoming TERB Coordinator to receive training from the outgoing TERB Coordinator in May 2023.

TAed Items from 2022-2025 CBA:

After numerous counterproposals from each side, we reached agreement on Appendix H (Coaching Stipends) at today’s meeting. While the District was not willing to agree to our repeated proposals for reassigned time for FT faculty coaches during the non-traditional season (NTS), we were able to add an NTS stipend for all coaches that matches the in-season stipend, clean up and clarify language and organization, and increase overall compensation for coaches.

Presented Items:

We presented the newest TERB calendar to the District for approval. This calendar has already been reviewed by Faculty Senate and PFF. We expect the District’s response at our next meeting.

We also presented our latest counterproposal to Article 17 (Evaluations). This counterproposal reflected the feedback and input of TERB and also offered some compromises to the proposals made by the District. We expect the District’s counterproposal/response at our next meeting.

Discussion Items

Clarification on interpretation of CBA language in Article 9, PT access to health care, and grant-based stipends

Scheduling of upcoming negotiations meetings

Updates on outstanding 2022-2025 CBA items:

Article 15 (Compensation)- the District received our proposal at the last meeting and does not expect to have a response for us immediately. We hope to be able to make movement in the next month or two.

Article 20 (Working Conditions)- the District has not yet presented their proposal. They reported that they are working on testing data sets for possible changes to the PT prioritization process. We hope to have a proposal from them by the end of May.

Next Steps

We continue to meet twice a month with the District and hope to make significant continued progress towards finishing the 2022-2025 CBA over the next several meetings. While we will be finishing the first academic year of the 3-year contract without a finalized contract, we are making good progress in the right direction. We have had mutual understanding and good communication at the table with the District team and are planning on working all summer to finish the 2022-2025 CBA and once the Governing Board approves the final contract, immediately reopen the 2023-24 sunshine articles (TBD, but will include compensation and benefits), hopefully before the fall 2023 semester starts.

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