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Fact of the Fortnight, 6/18/20: Going, Going, Gone - Prop M Money

Did you know? The District is getting to the last of the Prop. M money available to build our Palomar College’s Master Plan. The remaining $151,500,000 is not sufficient to accomplish all the projects on the Master Plan list. The District’s recommendation to the Governing Board on May 12th on how to use the available Prop. M funds included a Student Services Welcome Center, Retention Center, Athletics Complex, and the purchase of the Modular Village and beautification of the Fallbrook Center. This recommendation was not well received by several members of the Board because it did not include a permanent structure for Fallbrook.


A permanent structure in Fallbrook would consume the majority of the available funds and would not leave enough money for the needed Student Services Center or promised Athletics Complex on the main campus.

The Athletics department was promised a larger complex when Prop M was passed. Our student athletes currently occupy the most decrepit buildings on campus, one of which has recently been designated as condemned.

Fallbrook student needs will still be met at the North Center under the proposed plan. Many of those students also attended classes at San Marcos, Escondido, and local high schools.

Under the District's proposal the planned Student Services, Welcome, and Retention Centers would occupy the vacant old Library Building. If the Fallbrook Campus is built, the old library will continue to sit empty and dark.

A refurbished counseling area and a CTE, Workforce, and Career Center would benefit our most vulnerable students.

Students spoke at a recent Governing Board meeting requesting a dedicated place for their clubs and organizations to meet. A refurbished library could provide that space.

Mt. San Jacinto has completed a new Education Center in Temecula, 13.7 miles from the Fallbrook Center, which will also serve the needs of students in the North County.

Bottom Line: The Governing Board is holding a special meeting on June 23rd to discuss what projects to complete with the remaining Prop. M funds. This is a critical issue that will impact students at Palomar College for decades to come. Please consider coming to the meeting and offering your opinions on how to best utilize the remaining funds.


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