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Fact of the Week for 3/19/20: Teaching in the Time of COVID-19

Getting information and help going remote: We know you have been inundated with emails regarding going remote during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is an uncertain time and very stressful. Your Union has resources that can help you through these tough times!


The California Federation of Teachers (CFT) is working closely with the Chancellor's Office and Governor to make sure that full-time and part-time faculty are held harmless during the school closures. In a conference call they offered the following advice:

1. Stay flexible, and know that teaching well doesn't mean teaching perfectly. There is recognition that the best we may be able to hope for in some situations is "some" education, not the "same" education. 2. Do not work if you cannot work because you are sick. Health is the most important thing! 3. Recognize that this is stressful on your students, colleagues, and the college's administration, too. 4. Know that CFT will keep its members informed and provide your Union leadership with advice and support.

PFF is in constant contact with the District about all things that will impact your pay and working conditions. Clearly, this situation is not ideal, but we are doing everything in our power to make the situation work for our faculty.

PFF has emergency funds available, up to $500, for specific hardships (examples: a spouse is furloughed during this outbreak, someone is hospitalized, etc.). Please see the Union's web site to apply.

PFF has volunteers who can help members with this transition! If you would like help with using online platforms Canvas, Connect from McGraw-Hill, InstaResources, Palomar Library's eResources, MyMathLab, @ONE, Signal, WebAssign, or Zoom, we have proficient users within our eBoard that are happy to help you. We also have members who are more than willing to help with transitioning to online in general. Just reply to this email with your needs and we'll connect you with the best person.

SDG&E is temporarily suspending service disconnections. If you are struggling to pay your utility bill due to financial hardships stemming from the coronavirus, please call the SDG&E Customer Contact Center at 1-800-411-7343 to make payment arrangements.

If you are a Union member, please reply to this email for additional utilities information, as Unions United may be able to help with financial assistance for utility bills.

Union members also have access to the San Diego-Imperial County Labor Council's food bank (which is in San Diego, not North County). If this would be helpful, please reply to this email so we can submit your application, and the Labor Council will follow up with you.

While the school is closed during this time PFF is not. We will not be on campus but are regularly checking at, so please reach out to us.

Bottom Line: We are all in the together, and together we will get by. It is a good time to be part of a strong and connected Union! If you are not a member, now is the time to join!

Stay healthy and reach out if we can help.


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