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February 8, 2024

During today’s meeting with the District:

  • Academic Calendars 2024/25 (adjusted summer), 2025/26 and 2026/27- TAed

  • We were able to make some positive adjustments to the academic calendars for upcoming years. The main changes are to the summer schedule. Starting Summer 2025, the summer session will be 10 weeks long (down from 12) allowing for a week gap between spring and summer and between summer and fall. This will allow for grades to be submitted before the next session starts and will also allow faculty to more easily participate in Flex Week before fall semester. The summer session will include one six-week and one eight-week session (both starting on the same date in mid/late June after the high schools get out) and two four-week sessions with a week gap in between. Feedback from department chairs and Faculty Senate was overwhelmingly positive about these changes to the summer schedule. We also were able to get Flex Week in January and August marked on the calendars.

  • MOU- Cooperative Education- SIGNED

  • This MOU was signed to allow for faculty to teach discipline-related cooperative education courses within their load when student enrollment is sufficient to do so. 

  • Discussion:

  • Nuances of use of load bank

  • Potential upcoming MOUs

  • Request to schedule more class caps meetings

  • Next steps:

  • Our next meeting is on February 22. We expect to receive the District’s counterproposals to Article 15 (Compensation) and Appendix F (Reassigned Time and Stipends) and we plan to provide our counterproposal to Article 20 (Working Conditions).


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