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January 11, 2024

At today’s negotiations meeting we were able to sign a long-awaited and discussed MOU and clear up several areas of discussion. 

  • Article 4 (Workload and Calendar)- TA

  • While we finalized negotiations on this article before winter break, we were able to sign it today. Please see the previous negotiations update for details.

  • Large Class Stipend MOU- SIGNED

  • We began conversations with the District in 2017 about compensating faculty who teach courses with caps over the standard of 42. After many years of delays and ongoing negotiations, we were finally able to reach agreement with the District on a pilot program for additional compensation for faculty teaching identified courses with negotiated caps over the standard lecture cap of 42. This pilot will run in the 2024/25 academic year and will then be assessed for inclusion in the next three-year CBA. We are excited to finally have movement in a positive direction in this area and look forward to supporting our colleagues in the affected departments as they participate in the pilot.

  • Discussion:

  • Clarification on upcoming negotiated items.

  • Clarification on impact of full-year sabbatical on STRS credit–we confirmed that faculty taking a full-year sabbatical receive ½ year of STRS service credit but can purchase the remaining ½ year through STRS. This information will be communicated to the sabbatical committee with the hopes that it can be added to sabbatical materials and will be added to the CBA when Article 9 is next open.

  • Agreed to make a language update on the online part-time office hours form.

  • Tuition reimbursement conversation. While faculty have frequently asked about tuition reimbursement, we confirmed that the District’s position is that the horizontal movement faculty enjoy on the salary scale after taking additional coursework serves in lieu of tuition reimbursement.

At our next meeting on 1/22/24, we expect to present our proposals for Article 15 (Compensation) and Appendix F (Reassigned Time & Stipends), the District is planning to bring their proposals for Article 20 (Working Conditions) and the 2025/26 and 2026/27 academic calendars. We will provide a negotiations update at the all-faculty meeting to be held at spring plenary on 1/25 at 1:15pm in LL-438 and via Zoom.


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