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January 22, 2024

At this morning’s negotiations meeting, we met the new VPHRS, Anna Pedroza, who is joining the District’s team, and finished presenting all outstanding proposals in this round of reopeners.

  • Article 15 (Compensation)

  • We presented our initial proposal for Article 15. Highlights include: 

  • Slight raise for 24/25 

  • Automatic COLA

  • CTE salary scale parity for our colleagues in fields without advanced degrees

  • Improvements to PT and FT office hour compensation

  • Appendix F (Reassigned Time and Stipends)

  • We presented our initial proposal for Appendix F. Highlights include:

  • Adding essential new faculty reassigned time positions

  • Adding summer stipend for some positions

  • Making improvements to some existing positions

  • Clarifying workload and compensation for PT in reassigned time positions

  • Article 20 (Working Conditions)

  • The District presented their initial proposal. Main proposal points include:

  • Changes to the PT prioritization system

  • Remove “without interruption of service” from calculations

  • Calculate by department, not discipline

  • Change deadlines and applicable timeline

  • Dean approval of FT scheduling assignments

  • 15 days notice of change in operational hours

  • Calendars

  • Senior Director of Enrollment Services, Dr. Kendyl Magnusen, presented the District initial drafts of the proposed 2025/26 academic calendar. The only change of note is the District's proposal to shorten summer session from 12 weeks to 10, providing a week gap between spring and summer and another between summer and fall. This would allow for two four-week sessions, one six-week session, and one eight-week session (down from our current three four-week sessions, two six-week sessions, one eight-week session, and one twelve-week session). This change would alleviate some of the issues caused by having summer classes start immediately after commencement and run all the way until Fall starts, namely with grade submissions, sequential classes, and conflicts with plenary activities. We will be soliciting feedback from department chairs and Faculty Senate at the beginning of the spring semester before we respond to the District.

Upcoming meetings:

  • All-faculty meeting (with negotiations update) - 1/25/24

  • Class caps- 1/26/24

  • Negotiations- 2/8/24

  • We plan to provide our counterproposal to Article 20


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