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July 13, 2023

At today’s meeting with the District, we completed negotiations for the 2022-2025 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)! Negotiations today focused on finalizing Article 15 (Compensation). We are pleased to report significant gains for all faculty in this article:

Article 15 (Compensation)- Tentatively Agreed (TAed)

8.22% COLA applied to all full-time and part-time faculty salary schedules and full-time ECELS salary schedule as well as all stipends in Article 12 and Appendice F and H. This COLA will be retroactive to July 1, 2023, and faculty will see this compensation increase later in the fall semester. We know inflation has harmed faculty finances, and we are pleased to have been able to successfully negotiate a full COLA pass-through for our faculty. This is on top of the 6.56% COLA already negotiated and applied to the 2022/23 salary schedules.

In addition to COLA, we were able to negotiate a one-time, off-schedule payment to full-time and part-time faculty, including counselors, coaches, librarians, and ECELS faculty, of 2.5% of all gross base salary (full-time) or gross wages (part-time) those faculty earned in 2022/23. We spent significant time and focus presenting research and arguments to justify this extra compensation for faculty, and we are pleased to say that our hard work paid off. To be eligible for this compensation, faculty must have received the aforementioned pay in the 2022/23 academic year and be employed by the District on the date of contract approval by the Governing Board (anticipated in September).

Part-time salary grade parity and step adjustment!

We finally achieved salary grade parity with the full-time grade scale for our part-time colleagues. This has been a long time coming, as we have proposed and been fighting for this for years. Starting in 2023/24, salary grade placement for part-time faculty will mirror that of the full-time grade placement. This will result in some part-time faculty being placed in a new grade on the salary scale. No faculty will move down on the scale.

Starting in Fall 2023, salary step movement will occur after every 362 hours of employment, rather than the previous 450 hours. This adjustment represents 67% of a full-time year, which is the maximum part-time faculty can teach. This will also result in some part-time faculty moving up on the step scale. No faculty will move down.

These changes will require individual reassessment of education and employment hours by Human Resources. For that reason, these adjustments will not be reflected in paychecks until later in the fall semester.

Clarification on the process and use of Time & Effort Reports. T&E Reports are not required for positions included in Appendix F but are for project-based or one-time work.

Clarification on part-time shared governance compensation for hiring committees.

Clarification on vocational discipline salary placement.

Clarification on sabbatical committee approval of salary credit–lower division coursework submitted for approval must be applicable to District work.

Minor grammatical cleanup.

Article 1 (Agreement)- TAed

Date changes and addition of an abbreviation

Article 23 (No Concerted Refusals to Work)- TAed

Date changes

With these TAs, the three-year contract is complete. We will be sending out detailed communication to all faculty in the next few weeks before the semester starts and will be sending a ratification vote to all PFF members at the beginning of the semester. The vote will start on Friday, 8/18 (plenary day) and continue to Wednesday, 8/23. If the CBA is ratified, it will go to the Governing Board for final approval at the September board meeting.

We hope that all faculty will plan on attending the all-faculty PFF/Faculty Senate meeting on Friday, 8/18 to hear directly from the Negotiations Team about the gains in the contract. Information will be sent out by the PD office in the weeks leading up to plenary.

The PFF Negotiations Team would like to thank the District Negotiations Team for their preparation, collaboration, and respectful communication throughout this negotiations cycle. We began negotiations on the 2022-2025 CBA in September 2022 (delayed due to administrative turnover) and met multiple times a month with the District team since that time. This is your dues at work, and we’re pleased that faculty get far more than they give. We are eager to sunshine articles for reopener for the 2023/24 year of the three-year contract and will continue negotiations with the District throughout the fall semester.

You can visit the PFF website for all negotiations updates if you are interested in the work we’ve been doing over the past months (updates are under the drop down dates on the linked page). Please watch your email for communications about the upcoming contract vote and thank you for your trust and patience!


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