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June 2, 2023

We met with the District this afternoon and were able to make progress towards the completion of our 2022-2025 CBA.

Article 20 (Working Conditions)- TAed

20.2.1 and 20.2.2: Removed Faculty Service Area (FSA) as a requirement for voluntary transfer. This change was upon the recommendation of ASCCC, our FSA Committee, and Faculty Senate. Departments retain the ability to approve voluntary transfers.

20.7: Clarification on the District’s responsibility to provide office space to full-time faculty. Office space should be at the educational site of primary assignment and office location may change over the course of employment. Office space is provided until the faculty member is no longer employed by the District and the faculty member has until their date of separation to remove their belongings from the office.

20.8: Clarification that PFF and the faculty member must be notified immediately if electronic transmissions are monitored due to a court order, subpoena, or emergent situation.

20.10: Part-Time Prioritization

While we have been waiting for months to clean up the part-time prioritization process, complications with receiving data examples and determining impacts of possible changes have further delayed revisions to this section of Article 20. These challenges (and the fact that 23/24 has already been scheduled or is in the process of being scheduled) led us to agree to TA on changes to the rest of this Article while leaving 20.10 mostly status quo for now. PFF and the District are actively working to revise this section of Article 20, and will include changes in the 23/24 reopeners.

We agreed to the addition of language that encourages department chairs to avoid unnecessary delays in assigning part-time faculty members courses.

20.11: Added language clarifying existing practice: full-time faculty cannot bump other faculty from classes once assignments are made other than to make their contract load.

20.12: Clarification of the process by which full-time retirees and emeritus faculty can reapply for employment to be offered a class as a part-time faculty.

20.14: Added language about rescission of course assignments if a faculty member does not meet the requirements to teach a DE course.

20.16: Creation of a new Lactation Protections section. Added language about scheduling and breaks to provide adequate time for pumping to the existing language about space to pump.

20.17: Creation of a new Faculty Retreat Rights section. Outlines the Ed Code related to tenured faculty retreat rights and provides a promise to negotiate over impacts of faculty retreat on a case-by-case basis.

Minor grammatical and language clean-up.

In addition to TAing on Article 20, we discussed:

Summer compensation for the development of a Peer Online Course Review (POCR) training course.

Rate changes to health benefits for the 23/24 year. We will likely sign an MOU to solidify plan rates for the upcoming year as the reopeners for 23/24 are unlikely to be completed by open enrollment. This MOU may also cover some language clarifications that will be incorporated into our already TAed Article 16 for the 22/23 year.

We hope to receive the District’s counterproposal for Article 15 (Compensation) and Appendix F (Faculty Reassigned Time and Stipends) at our next meeting at the beginning of July. We will not present our most recent counterproposal for Article 17 (Evaluations) until we see the District’s compensation proposal. In the meantime we plan to work with the District on class caps and the part-time prioritization process.

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