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May 11, 2023

At today’s meeting we were able to sign an MOU for grant-funded compensation for CHDV faculty to participate in a summer workshop, as well as sign off on the inclusive TERB calendar for evaluations. The District presented their second counterproposal for Article 17 (evaluations), and presented their initial proposal for Article 20 (working conditions). This proposal was minimal and did not include the necessary changes to the part-time prioritization process that we have been discussing. These changes may need to be handled in a separate MOU and included in successor agreements. We engaged in discussion about compensation for grant-funded programs and events, confirmed lockdown pay for PT faculty who were impacted by the recent lockdown, and talked about summer negotiations scheduling. Our next meeting with the District will be May 24. An email will be sent to all faculty before the end of the spring semester with information on contract negotiations.


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