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Class Caps Update 10/6/23

After numerous canceled meetings over the last several months, we were pleased to resume class caps negotiations with the District today. VPI Recalde has joined the District’s class cap team, which also includes Lead Negotiator Joey Sanchez, Interim VPHRS Christine Winterle, and Dean Justin Smiley. Our class caps negotiations team is headed by Jenny Fererro and Nicole Siminski, who are joined by the PFF co-presidents Lawrence Hamilton Lawson and Will Dalrymple.

At today’s meeting, we focused on discussing the requests and needs of the Computer Science, Math, and Biology departments. These department chairs have been contacted with updates and next steps.

We have four more class caps negotiations sessions scheduled with the District in November and December, so we remain hopeful that we can make good progress. Our goals for the rest of the semester:

  • Finalize negotiations on an MOU for a pilot program for the large class compensation (likely to be in effect 2024/25).

  • Finalize outstanding class caps negotiations for MSE and any other remaining requests.

  • Do final clean up on the primary course cap list before new requests are solicited at the beginning of the spring semester.

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