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Fact of the Fortnight, 7/2/20: Prop M, Where Are We Now?

Note: This is a combined Fact of the Fortnight and Governing Board Report. It deals with the results of the special Governing Board Meeting held last Tuesday, June 23rd, which sought input from the public on the remaining Prop M monies.


● The Board meeting lasted nearly 4 ½ hours, with over two hours of public comments!

● It was very well attended with faculty, staff, students, and alumni all listening in.

● At one point, Trustees John Halcon and Evilsizer tried to limit all future public comments to 2 minutes, down from the traditional 5 minutes afforded most speakers. Trustee Halcon stated that everyone left to speak had the same thing to say. Luckily, the remaining three Trustees voted to allow the public to exercise their voice in the process. Trustee Miyamoto stated that she “learns something new from everyone who speaks.” Trustee Hensch said it would be unfair to allow the first half of the speakers to have five minutes and later speakers have only two. Trustee Deerfield reminded the other members of the Board that public meetings are meant for the public, and they should hear the public speak.

● Counseling and Athletics spoke passionately about their students’ needs, and the desire to do right by the largest number of students.

● Photographs of the poor state of Palomar athletic facilities and the difference between male and female sporting facilities, along with statistics on enrollments and student demographics, was presented.

● Photographs of decrepit buildings covered in mold and mushrooms and inhabited by rats were shown.

● Students, from clubs such as Umoja, spoke about needing a dedicated space on the main campus for student use.

● One member from the Fallbrook community leadership spoke, saying that Fallbrook had been promised a permanent structure.

● Dr. Jack Kahn presented multiple plans involving various sized permanent buildings at Fallbrook in an attempt to keep that promise to the north center community.

● Most speakers and Trustees seemed to agree that a compromise plan needs to be created.

● Trustee Halcon voted “Nay” on the Minutes of the previous Board Meeting.

Bottom Line: Thanks to three trustees, the public was able to fully weigh in on this important issue. The decision will be discussed at a future meeting further, but the Board will need to make the decision on the remaining Prop M monies by September.


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